... to encourage the student of archery in the study, use, practice, and manufacture of traditional archery equipment.


NOTE!   The range at Boyd's Farm is made available to TAA by the kindness of the owners for OFFICIAL TAA FUNCTIONS ONLY!

It is not available for use at any other time, either by TAA members or anyone else.

Please do not violate their private property rights.  People going out on their own could cause us to lose the privileges that we have been given.


Directions to the TAA Range at Boyd Farm

From Anchorage or Wasilla, take the Glenn Highway to Palmer. Continue through Palmer as if you are on your way to Glennallen.

Note your odometer as you pass the intersection of the Glenn Highway and the Palmer Wasilla Highway.

It is the intersection with McDonald's on the left before the light, Carr's on the left just past the light, and a Chevron station on the right past the light.

Intersection of the Glenn Highway and the Palmer Wasilla Highway

Carr's on the left.

Chevron on the right.


Continue on the Glenn Highway about 1.9 miles past that intersection, at which point you will reach Fishhook Road.

Fishhook Road is also the turnoff for Hatcher Pass and the Independence Mine, and there are signs directing you to turn left.


Turn left onto Fishhook Road and note your odometer.

Fishhook Road


Go about 3.6 miles. You will see a pair of red barns on the left and a sign for Muth Farms. Cunningham Road is just before the two red barns.

Cunningham Road and Muth Farms


Turn left on Cunningham Road and follow it for 0.2 miles.  You will come to a gate for the Boyd Farm on the right.

Pull in there.  Please keep your speed down as this is a working farm.

Boyd Farm Entrance


Follow the farm road. You will pass a couple of houses, which will be on your right.

The road will then curve around 90 degrees to the right, and you will pass a red workshop, also on your right.

Just beyond the workshop the road bends to the left. Follow it to the range parking area.  You will see the cars.


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