... to encourage the student of archery in the study, use, practice and manufacture of traditional archery equipment.



Future Events:


Our monthly shoots are every Second Saturday of the month,

November through April.

(no shoot in December)

These shoots will take place at the Cook Inlet Archers “Pillow Loop” and will sometimes have 3D targets.

 Cost varies which includes a lunch!




Massey Shoot


Memorial Day Weekend 2016


Questions….Contact TAA Treasurer

Vikki at: 907-354-8589





Massey Shoot

Memorial Day Weekend 2016





A group of
Alaskan Archers
who are devoted to
Traditional Archery.





Individually we vary in the depth of our involvement, but we are all interested in going afield with a bow that does not use the conveniences of modern archery.

We use and make bows of various types: laminated recurves, laminated longbows, self-made wood bows of various types, arrows, and other equipment.




Our club began in the Anchorage area.

Most of our events take place in or near Palmer, Alaska.

We hold bow-building sessions
and shoots several times per year.

We will post the schedule of events on this site.




Our major event of the year is the Jay Massey Shoot, which takes place in May.

We hope that you will visit this site often.

Questions, comments, and complaints are all welcome.



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