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Photo Album

Here are some photos taken at our bow building workshop, held on February 24, 2001.


Martin Farris working on his birch selfbow.

Martin Farris working on his birch selfbow. He cut the stave in his back yard in Peter's Creek.

Bowyers Loel & Don
Loel Banzhaf and Don Schrader working on their bows.

Bowyer Paul Schuitt

Paul Schuitt making wood shavings.

Paul Schuitt's first shot from shis bow.

Paul Schuitt after shooting the first arrow from his new bow. Look at the excitement in those eyes!
Dan Ryan looks on with pleasure.



The following shots were taken at our workshop on March 10, 2001.

Dennis Bromley giving his stave very close attention.


Todd Foley taking a break.
Todd Foley taking a break.


Jim Hill with a drawknife.
Jim Hill trying to figure out how to use a drawknife.


Steam bending
Gary Parker's steam bending setup.


Photo of Pioneer Peak, visible from the workshop door.


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