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Trophy Photos

Jim Hill's first pike.

Jim Hill's first pike

Jim had a great day shooting pike with Martin Farris on June 13, 2004:

Jim's dozen pike

Martin had a good day, too. He let Jim shoot the little ones. He was holding out for a big one, and here it is.

At 17.3 pounds, this is the unofficial Alaska state record pike taken with a bow.

Martin's Big Pike

Here is a note and photos from George McCoy. Note the longbow by our own Ed Scott.

Thought you might like to have these pictures of a Caracal and a Serval taken in South Africa with an Ed Scott Longbow.

I believe it is the first time either of these cats have ever been taken with traditional equipment and I don't think anyone has ever taken a Serval with a bow.

Regards George McCoy

George McCoy's Caracal


George McCoy's Serval


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